Who Can You Inspire?

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On April 18, 2016 I launched a series called ‘Out of the Box Entrepreneurs‘. Since then there have been more than a couple dozen interviews completed, and more in the works.

This series was so well received on a variety of levels, more than 100k+ readers, and it will move to print later this year (is the goal), and potentially other platforms, as time permits.

Now, I want to feature a series called ‘Who Can You Inspire?’

I am so humbled by some the humans I meet regularly, and know their stories can impact so many more. My only few ‘requirements’ to participate are as follows;

1. You must be a full time Entrepreneur
2. We must align, to some degree (vision, integrity, etc)

If this is you, or someone you know (tag them) please comment below and we will get some more info out to you over the next week.

That’s it

p.s. There is no cost.


Keep inspiring xx

In the event the other series interests you (as that is a rolling project) there are a few more requirements, so please Email me for more details on that)

2 thoughts on “Who Can You Inspire?

  1. Britta

    Hey! Just coming to say hi from the blog boss babes group 🙂 This sounds like a super exciting idea – looking forward to be reading all the stories!
    Lots of love and have a lovely day!


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