Tomatoes and your business?

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tomatoes and businessI love analogies. Even ones about tomatoes. I believe it’s because I can often relate them to my own experiences …and they’re generally responsible for those ‘aha’ moments.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a speaker (Darin Adams, Infusionsoft) give an analogy on tomatoes and the follow up. I remember sitting there listening intently and having one of those oh my gosh that’s so on point thought processes and wrote it down right away.

He spoke of his enjoyment growing tomatoes with his son. How they would go yearly to the garden centre and his son would spend hours picking out just the ‘right ones’.

They’d bring them home, even name them and the growing process would commence. They would water it as needed, ensure whatever stakes/support were available, etc.

When the son wanted to pick them, Darrin was clear … only pick the ripe ones. The ones that are … ready.

Now this didn’t mean they trashed the not so ripe or green ones .. it just meant they needed more time. More nurturing. More love. More sun. More of whatever they needed to grow, ripen, be ready.

Now apply that to your business – regardless of your product or service.

Stop giving up on yourself when you hear no. Quit throwing in the towel because one of your ‘tomatoes’ aren’t ready. Check in, follow up … provide them with whatever they need to, ‘be ready’ … Now, some may never ripen and that’s OK. Where you sow … will one day harvest.

Be consistent. Give value. Follow up. Care.

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