The Day is Almost Here – Outside of the Box Entrepreneurs

outside of the box entrepreneursThe day is almost here! Gosh, what a journey this has been. What started as a small celebration for being approved as a contributor to Huffington Post, has grown into so much more. The day is almost here to introduce to you, the outside of the box entrepreneurs.

And, the best part, I believe so many more people will be touched, impacted and empowered, as a result. I was so excited when I received the email about being approved for Huffington Post, that I wanted a solid “breakout” article. I started racking my brain of how I wanted to make my mark on that scene.

The idea came to me, literally after scrolling through Facebook and spending far too much time on webinars that day … That why not take a deeper look into the entrepreneurs who “stand out“. This could be through their physical appearance, but more so the irony in that and the value they deliver. You are going to meet some of the most amazing, brilliant, thought provoking entrepreneurs through this series. They may even be faces you look over, because they’re “different“.

(Different is up for discussion of course – because frankly I connect much better with them, personally)

The group is eclectic! All different backgrounds both personally and professionally – we have the high figure earner traditional business man, to the how did that stay at home mom just crush 7 figures online. There are ones with colourful language – and ones with unreal artistic abilities. There is no real demographic if you will – however – what’s common? These men and women have donated their time to bring this viewpoint, these tips, this story, to you.

Entrepreneurship isn’t all rainbows and lollipops – There are TONS of ups and downs. There are no exceptions to this rule either. Knowing this, what I wanted to create was a safe haven for entrepreneurs, up and coming, to know they are NOT alone. That there are thousands who have come before you, with the exact same struggles. The exact same voices in their heads saying QUIT (ever notice those voices are usually screamers?) My point is – we’re all on this roller coaster together – I’d sooner learn from the dude who’s just like me, but who has experienced the struggle to triumph. Instead of the “yay, you can do this, anyone can” mentality.

No offense.

So, on that awkward note … stay tuned to this site starting on Monday (when any day of course) April 18, 2016 for the first of the mini interviews from some amazing human beings.

The value and moments you will take away, will leaving you craving more, realizing, you deserve more. You will relate to these men and women. Some will be new to you, and some won’t, but this is them on a different level. This is raw and uncut.

These are, your outside of the box entrepreneurs.


*If you believe you are an outside of the box entrepreneur – or would like to recommend someone for this type of series in future, please email me at info@90daysinmyshoes*

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