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Layla Black

Layla Black – Ontario, Canada

Today’s Outside of the Box Entrepreneur Series is excited to introduce you to Layla Black. I can recall the first time I met Layla – well truth is I never actually met her, but had the privilege to watch her walk across a stage. A tribe of people making ridiculous noise (cheering) as she did. I remember feeling, I want to be part of THAT. I continued to follow her journey – the advantages of social media you could say – I felt part of her tribe without even “being part”, so to speak.

Layla has gone on to provide constant, consistent value – via webinars, training, workshops – more specifically, for me though, maintaining transparency throughout. I am not sure I’m doing the number any justice (because I think it’s higher) that she has empowered, inspired, and helped transform thousands of lives. I think it’s safe to say too, that Layla Black focuses much of her journey in working with women – from across the globe. The Superwoman movement.

I had a small fan girl moment when Layla agreed to take part in the Outside of the Box Entrepreneurs interview series – but not surprised given her willingness and commitment to others. In short, Layla Black is a Self Made Entrepreneur, Personal Power Coach, author and world renowned Speaker who inspires Dreamers all across the globe to step into their power and create the life they desire.

What sparked your drive to become an entrepreneur?

Funny enough, I just never fit into the box.

Like most people, I was raised to go to school, get good grades, go to university, get a career… And THAT was success.

When I dropped out of University, I felt like I had lost all chance at being “successful”. I worked crappy jobs, got evicted from a few apartments, and covered up my misery with partying and drugs.

Not the stereotypical 7 Figure Business owner you’d picture, right?

Even in the darkest place of my life, living in the basement of a bar, I could always see that little light in the distance. I always knew I had a power and purpose within me.

I was meant for something bigger than my circumstances.

I found blogging and social media, and got addicted to video marketing.

Everyone told me go back to school, get a real job….

I was determined to figure out how to be successful without a degree, successful in business and life and happiness.

That’s where it really all started for me.

You’ve been selected as an “out of the box entrepreneur” would you agree with this statement?

Never fit in a box, never will.

The minute you have a neck tattoo you’re in that outside the box category for sure.

Normal doesn’t really exist in my life.

But it’s those unique qualities that have helped me to build such an impactful brand around the world.

I help other entrepreneurs see their own inner power and uniqueness… And for many of them, that means stepping outside the box too.

If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started what would that be?

Focus on developing you.

If I had spent more time in the beginning, releasing all the limiting beliefs of my past and stepping into my confidence….

I could have saved so much time.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even realize that those Mean Girls in my head were sabotaging me.

When you summon your true power, nothing can stand in the way of you making it happen.

To what do you attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

My success definitely came from focusing on the people.

Rather than seeing dollar signs or commission checks, I focused on lifting up the people around me… Putting positivity into the university… And that’s when I truly achieved success.

5 Key Elements to Running a Successful Business:

  1. Vision: Being “successful” has to mean something more than cars, trips and houses. When you achieve your goals what will that mean for you, your family, your planet?
  2. Branding: Translating that Vision into a Brand that your audience can relate and bond with is critical.
  3. Marketing: No matter what you sell, you must be able to communicate your story to the masses. Social Media is the fastest way to get engagement and awareness about your brand.
  4. Systems: In order for a business to truly be successful, you can’t be running around doing everything yourself. You need systems and tools in place to leverage your time and scale up you business.
  5. Desire: That ‘unmeasurable’ something. The desire and will to win is everything. It’s not about how many times you fall on your face… It’s about how many times you’re willing to get back up.

Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

I met this guy… Who lived in his van, had curly long hair and wore shorts and flip flops.

I saw him make $12,000 on a webinar in like an hour.

That was 5 years ago.

By following his methods, since then… I’ve made multiple 7 figures in various businesses.

His name’s David Wood.

He’s a blogger, a freedom thinker, a change artist… Just like me and my husband.

Now I am not saying you’ll make a million bucks, or any money all… Our results aren’t typical.

But we aren’t typical.

What’s bigger than the money though is the way he changed how my brain operated, and led me down this path to really recognizing the infinite potential with me.

Definitely one of my biggest mentors.

And a book that changed my whole perception, and helped me break the programming of my past…. 4 Hour Workweek.

Now I live it 🙂

When the readers would like to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do so?

I am a Facebook junkie – Connect with Layla

My fanpage is

I love when I get to have real conversations with people.


How real was that? I’m sure you gained as much value and even as much insight into the reality  of entrepreneurship through this small snippet of what was shared through this interview with today’s “outside of the box entrepreneur”. Comments and Feedback always welcome – either by signing in below, or emailing me at

The entrepreneurs who have participated throughout this series, have done so in donating their time. Always serving, endless value, leading from the front. 

When I began this series of interviews, reaching out to successful, full time, entrepreneurs, I had one purpose – for this information to touch someone, somewhere who might be thinking of giving up. Reaching someone who needed to know that entrepreneurship isn’t always rainbows and awesome sauce – but there’s a real hustle, a real grind. Know that if you put in the work, success is inevitable.

Thank you for reading

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