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John Melton

John Melton – Baltimore, Maryland

Today’s Outside of the Box Entrepreneur Series is excited to introduce you to John Melton. When I began the interview process with other entrepreneurs – John was referred by several people, and I had to follow up. He was more than welcoming from our first contact – and as I’ve continued to follow his journey, I can see why he came so highly recommended.

John Melton is a well known face in the Facebook niche, but I know it doesn’t stop there. His journey has been paved with hard work, trial and error – and more importantly is very transparent with this to best serve his audience. Through blogging, live videos and sharing his office on the beaches of the world – John delivers every time. He makes it look easy being a father, husband and successful entrepreneur and I am truly fortunate to have him a part of this project.

What sparked your drive to become an entrepreneur?

I first got involved in Network Marketing at age 21.  I was lost, and had no real clue what I wanted to do.  At the time, I was going to community college, living at home, waiting tables, and partying.  I didn’t see college as a great option, but again, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  It was at that time that I was invited to a ‘meeting’.  

Before the meeting was even over, I was in.  

I saw the value of making money from other’s efforts while offering great products.  We all do this in our daily lives and careers anyway, so why not?

You’ve been selected as an “out of the box entrepreneur” would you agree with this statement?

I guess I would agree that I’m out of the box based on the fact that most entrepreneurs start traditional businesses that cost a lot of money.  Typically, they’re offline with a physical location of some sort.  I build through a Network Marketing model.  Definitely unique.  I build my multiple businesses (6 different streams) virtually and internationally, through a lot of what we do online.  That could be a reason I’ve been chosen as “out of the box”. Traditional has limitations.  I can work anytime and anywhere.  

The world wide web and technology afford us that capability.  

If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started what would that be?

Believe in myself sooner.  Invest sooner.  Believe that you are worthy of success.  Regardless of the resource: coaching, seminars, invest in courses, etc.  I wish I had invested sooner.  Attended more seminars sooner.  I readily believe they are what made me who I am today.  I’m not right now where I want to be, but I am a lot further ahead than where I started.  Most people never leave their comfort zone, and we (my wife and I) did at an early age – and we’ve achieved a higher level of income because we’ve been able to take chances.

To what do you attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

  1. Definitely work ethic is a big one.  I know that my work ethic is unmatched.  I did really well in mortar business- Rookie of the Year.  I made more calls in two days than most people would do in a week.  Had two meetings a night, driving two hours in between.  For years.
  2.  Working on myself. Reading, listening, plugging into conference calls.  Not just developing skills but mindset, and philosophy.  People are easily discouraged, and so worried about what other people think.
  3.  My wife.  No way I could do what I do without her.  Not only she is a mother, who keeps our family fed and our home clean, but she’s phenomenal in business with her own coaching and mastermind courses.  We’re a team, we work well together.  We build together.  We met in Network Marketing.  Funny how it all started- separate teams and we competed.  I won.  She may have a different story.  We worked together and attained six figures.
  4.  Amazing people, some of which have become family.
  5.  Bring honest integrity.  Be available for a call or meeting.  That’s a big thing in social media, etc.  People can smell BS.  You have to do what you say you’re going to do and stand behind that.  People love that.  You bring integrity by not trying to be something you’re not.

Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

I love Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon and Dani Johnson.

Undeniably my wife Nadya, my kids and my mom. 

When the readers would like to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do so?


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How real was that? I’m sure you gained as much value and even as much insight into the reality  of entrepreneurship through this small snippet of what was shared through this interview with today’s “outside of the box entrepreneur”. Comments and Feedback always welcome – either by signing in below, or emailing me at

The entrepreneurs who have participated throughout this series, have done so in donating their time. Always serving, endless value, leading from the front. 

When I began this series of interviews, reaching out to successful, full time, entrepreneurs, I had one purpose – for this information to touch someone, somewhere who might be thinking of giving up. Reaching someone who needed to know that entrepreneurship isn’t always rainbows and awesome sauce – but there’s a real hustle, a real grind. Know that if you put in the work, success is inevitable.

Thank you for reading

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  1. Omena

    Like the part on self advise. Investing sooner in self earlier would have made a better difference. It is a good advice to heed. Thank you John.


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