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Brian JonesBrian Jones – Mitchellville, Maryland

Today’s Outside of the Box Entrepreneur Series is excited to introduce you to Brian Jones. Brian and I first met when he was delivering some amazing training using classified ads, etc. He was gracious to offer his expertise to a growing team I had at the time (a few years ago) and I’ve watched him grow his business (and his family!) beautifully, over the years. Brian Jones has always demonstrated a very shoot from the hip personality when it comes to business, and the value he brings to the entrepreneurial space is selfless – always looking to grow and improve others.

Brian Jones is a husband and father, and is the President of Entrepreneur Global Network. He’s described as a young visionary who believes anything is possible. Brian has built an auto pilot system for a network marketing company against all odds. Brian is in the process of also assembling a world-class management team, with a goal of them all sharing his vision of creating a company that lives up to the promise of Network Marketing by putting people first.

What sparked your drive to become an entrepreneur?

I firmly believe I was born to be an entrepreneur. I started my landscaping business at the young age of 8 years old. I love to interact with prospects and turn them into lifelong clients.

You’ve been selected as an “out of the box entrepreneur” would you agree with this statement?

I wouldn’t consider myself “out of the box entrepreneur”. I prefer the Information Age entrepreneur. The sales cycle has changed dramatically due to social media, technology, Google, etc. Things that worked in the 1980’s are definitely ineffective in today’s market.

If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started what would that be?

The best advice is “patience.” I want things right now but that’s unrealistic. It’s funny because the longer something takes the more gratifying it is.  

To what do you attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

I consider my parents, wife, son, business partner Kevin, and mentors to help mold me. Because of them I was able to achieve high success.

Running a business one must

  1. Have patience
  2. Terrific listener
  3. Ability to FOCUS
  4. Ask question if you don’t understand
  5. Be committed for the long haul

Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

My best inspiration is my best friend’s brother. He started MLM while I was in high school. I fell in love with his lifestyle. He called his own shot and didn’t have a boss to answer to. Not to mentioned he makes six figures per month in his primary business. I am not involved in his primary business but he always there for me to help guide me.

When the readers would like to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do so?

Readers can reach me on Facebook – or Skype – Kayjayscloset

How real was that? I’m sure you gained as much value and even as much insight into the reality  of entrepreneurship through this small snippet of what was shared through this interview with today’s “outside of the box entrepreneur”. Comments and Feedback always welcome – either by signing in below, or emailing me at

The entrepreneurs who have participated throughout this series, have done so in donating their time. Always serving, endless value, leading from the front. 

When I began this series of interviews, reaching out to successful, full time, entrepreneurs, I had one purpose – for this information to touch someone, somewhere who might be thinking of giving up. Reaching someone who needed to know that entrepreneurship isn’t always rainbows and awesome sauce – but there’s a real hustle, a real grind. Know that if you put in the work, success is inevitable.

Thank you for reading

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