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The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO Review (video)

  This book was recommended to me recently and I can’t say enough about it. Anyone looking at personal development, soul searching, feel good, self awareness, etc … This is a┬ámust read. Originally my mentor asked me to pace about 20 pages a day …. Either I don’t listen very well, or I loved the book – because only a… Read more »

How important is your branding?

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90 days in my shoes

Wanted to take a quick step back from my Elimination Diet updates. Truth is, not a whole lot to report. My last reintroduction has been gluten, and I’m finding some real differences based on what that looks like. Products that contain gluten (or may contain) I have seen no differences. Certain breads, no problem. Had baguette the other day …… Read more »

Sunday Reflection

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What’s interesting is I have all these intentions of sharing this journey with all of you, but finding the time has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated! I wish I could say it’s all been awesome and that’s what keeps me away – but I can’t. Now don’t get all sympathetic on me now – it’s a mix… Read more »

My Organized Chaos

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Ever have those days when you have all the intentions to do a whole lot of productive things – that infamous “to do” list and then none of them end up being done? I am all too familiar with those moments, but am getting better. I felt like my list would start with a few items and as the day… Read more »