Who Am I?

A woman. A mother. An entrepreneur. And all things in between. 

As a young mom, I dedicated my life primarily to raising my son the best I could despite the opinions and judgement of others. I have worked hard to maintain a well-rounded life for my son. As a teenager (late teens) himself now, my son and I are very close and enjoy the relationship we now have. I am not only a proud mom, but a very proud auntie and Godmother to some wonderful children.

I spent 15 years professionally in the social work field, resigning in September 2015 to pursue full time entrepreneurship in the freelancer scene.

The youth I spent much of my career with often would say I ‘helped change their life’, but if they only knew how much they changed mine.

In real terms though? I gave a *&$%, some people aren’t used to that – unfortunately. 

The journey hasn’t been all rainbows and lollipops – there have been many growing experiences. And I am a student for life.

I have remained open to not only learning as much as I can about business strategies and opportunities, but I have remained dedicated to teaching and helping others build their businesses, and stories as well, through writing.

More of my writing journey can be found over here — [ www.contentghosts.com ].

I have successfully launched a course on learning WordPress, and continue to host various workshops locally on writing for the web, and how to tell your own story, in this busy social media world. Networking events and supporting other small businesses has, and will remain a forefront in my business(es) because I believe collaboration trumps all things.

Welcome to my journey!


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